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Working Lines

20 x 24 Polaroids with mixed media

From 1983-84 I was Photographic Fellow at Oxford Brooks University (then Oxford Polytechnic). During my fellowship year I continued to work with Polaroid photography, drawing and mixed media. With help from Polaroid UK I was able to use their experimental 20” x 24” Polaroid camera in Frankfurt. My work focused on the newly automated Austin Rover plant at Cowley (the first in the UK). Working closely with the text from their advertising brochure I produced a series of 12 works. These works were diptychs, each with a multiple exposed 20 x 24 Polaroid paired with a collaged work and were at MOMA, Oxford.


2 Polaroids are in the Polaroid collection, Frankfurt

“Working Lines” diptych in a private collection.

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